My first Saskatchewan Black Bear

Another old clip i dug up was of my first black bear, harvested in Northern Saskatchewan. With my buddies at Steepbank Outfitters, there was never a shortage of bears at each stand.

Like I mention in the video description, back then, I wasn’t very well equipped when it came to recording my hunts. I had a borrowed, hand-held, video camera from a cousin of mine. No stand or tripod, and barely enough experience to catch the proper angels.

Since i wasn’t able to catch the final part of my hunt, I’ve added some pictures to give you a better look!

Thanks for reading!

IMG_1572 IMG_1578


Saskatchewan Black Bear Close-up In Tree-Stand

Another old video of mine from one of the Northern Saskatchewan Black Bear hunts I went on. My friends at Steepbank Outfitters have THE best spots to be in. Check out their site for more video’s.

This female didn’t seem to be interested in the bait, but was set on climbing up into my tree stand. Being my first time out for Black Bear season, I needed up putting my camera down. Thinking back, I should have kept rolling….but in hindsight, it’s always easier said than done.