Hunting Whitetail in the Rain: Some Pros and Cons

If you’re ever caught in the rain waiting for that buck to come by, some of you might call it early that day. Being in the rain is never fun, especially if you aren’t in a covered blind (like me). The cold an humidity gets to the bones, and it’s almost impossible to shake off if you weren’t prepared.

Here are the Pros and Cons:

Pro: Scent is covered – Rain will keep your scent down. The chances of your scent travelling in the wind are slim to nil and will keep you hidden.

ConMovement is slow – Since those monster bucks can’t smell much in the rain, they’re are more likely to stay put and be more cautious. Unless that buck is on the trail of a doe, and has only that in mind, you might not see him.

Pro: Sound is covered – The no of the rain will drown out any noises you may inadvertently make. Those small movements you might make by moving or manipulating your choice of weapon will most likely be covered up with the sound of the rain.

Con: Breaks in the rain – Along the same lines as scent, deer might be less likely to move when hey can’t hear their surroundings very well. Something i noted over the years was that when ever one of our group got lucky on a rainy day, was in between breaks in the rain. The deer seem to know when it would start up again and quick movement would occur right before.

This year in Quebec, the weather has been unseasonably warm. It has rarely gone below freezing. It made it hard to predict movement and follow the natural patterns we were used too. Adapting to these different weather conditions, and changing your tactics on the fly will give you that edge and make you an well-rounded hunter during any type of season.

Please share your rain hunting stories and let us know how you’ve dealt with it.





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