Whitetail Prep Part 2 – Taking A Ride

Finally made it back out to my hunting spot in Eastern Ontario. We had left our cameras out there for several weeks i hopes that the local deer would feel comfortable to wonder in-front of our trail cams. 

Once we checked out the pictures, we saw mostly does, but the two nice bucks from our first visit didn’t show up.

We planned a special blend (which I’ll be keeping to myself for now) to get those bucks back in the area. Early September, there is still plenty of food in the area, so you have to give the deer something they wouldn’t normally find in their surrounding areas.

Deer tend to stay within a 1 to 2 square Kilometre area (this may vary from location to location and depending on the sub species and climate). So It’s good to do some research on what kind of natural or human grown food there is available to them in and around your hunting grounds. You might want to locate yourself between a bedding area and a food source, to be able to catch them in transit from one place to another.

My Ontario location is surrounded by prime bedding areas where deer will be safe and covered. The land is surrounded by swamp, which keeps many predators out, and pesky humans. I love that part of it because those swamp areas will freeze and allow for more traffic to that secure area for them.

Stay tuned for more by following us.



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