GoPro – Fetch….Not What I Was Hoping For!

Today I was finally able to go out and buy the GoPro Fetch for my GSP Pepper. I’ve been dying to try this and couldn’t wait to see what kind of footage I could get while training her. It would let me get a much better perspective of what she’s doing and how she is seeing the world as we go along….If only I was able to afford more GoPro cameras!

Got home and strapped her in right away! Thought it would be a good time to test it out while I was feeding her. Unfortunately the GoPro battery decided otherwise, so the test would have to wait. Instead, I decided to leave it on her and see how she reacts to it while playing and doing basic commands that we’ve been working on recently. It took all but 20 minutes before this happened…


I couldn’t believe that the strap snapped in two! I JUST bought it this afternoon, and didn’t even get to go outside with it. Now it should be noted that I indeed read the quick instructions for this harness, as I needed to make sure I was attaching it properly. When I first opened the package, I wasn’t sure if the front plate was required to be on (It is not required and should be taken off for smaller dogs). As per instructions, my dog was not left unattended….especially with my new GoPro Hero4 attached, and there was no check cord or leash attached to it (it isn’t made for that sort of thing).

In all fairness, the tear looks like it was just a weak link, a defect. In general, any of the GoPro products I’ve purchased are well-built. I try avoiding other manufacturers that make similar products, mainly because I hate buying things twice.

I hope this is not going to be a complicated thing to exchange or return…I hope.


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