3 YouTube Channels To Watch For Your Gun Dog

When my wife and I bought our German short-haired, “Pepper“, she actually wasn’t even born yet. We had basically bought the right of first choice to one of the pups in the litter. That didn’t stop me from starting my research in how to train a hunting dog. I’ll have more posts on this, actually an entire section, posting what I’ve learned, how I am progressing with my GSP Pepper, plus plenty of videos to go along with it.

To start, you’ll need a good basic training. When you have a gun dog with this much energy, you’ll need to have her basic commands down packed before you can start any hunting drills.

 Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution (<—click for his YouTube channel)

This is one YouTube channel I really liked. The Zak George Dog Training Revolution was the main place I went to for basic dog training information. I had a Beagle “Rocky” for 13 years. I trained him for basic commands and as a flushing dog. Unfortunately, the poor little guy had bad car sickness…so he became a sofa buddy instead. When it came time to train Pepper, I was a little rusty. Zak’s YouTube channel was perfect. He has a great, non-invasive training method that works really well. Pepper’s attention span was tough to manage, and still is sometimes, when learning basic commands. Teaching her to “look at me” helped enormously! She knew I wanted something from her, and that she would get rewarded for it too.

His channel is also organized in such a way to help you watch the right videos in the right order…can’t get easier than that! This channel helped me a lot and it’s worth a look.

Willow Creek Kennels (<—click for his YouTube channel)

Willow Creek Kennels has some really good practical videos when training a small pup to start encouraging their hunting and pointing instinct. They breed, raise and train Pointers, and give you some instructional videos for their training methods. They even show some of the dogs in actions, which gives you an idea of what to look for. I used some of these videos to get my GSP started.

Green Acres Sportsman’s Club (<—click for his YouTube channel)

I really like these guys as well. Great videos of their different levels of pointer training. My pup is very curious and very excited…majority of the time. So getting her to heal properly and to obey a simple whoa command is getting tough. The Green Acres channel will show you exactly what to expect on basic levels of training, and advanced levels. The other advantage that you have, and that you can see on their website as well, is that they train retrievers, flusher`s and tracking deer blood.

I will be posting my progress with Pepper as we go. She is almost 9 months now and is getting closer to being ready to hit some proper field training.

Stay tuned!


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