Kickoff: Whitetail Season 2015 – Part 1

Back in June, I visited my spot to scout it out. I had 3 cameras to put up and I was itching to see what I could find!

Sadly, my Spypoint trail camera is not working this year…again. So I was left with my trusty Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision that I got last season. They don’t send me any pictures live like my Spypoint, but they are very reliable and take quality pictures. (I’ll review them in another post)

So with two cameras in hand, and 120 acres to explore, I set off.

I was only able to track 2 deer trails on the entire property. It made me very nervous, but the weather was very dry so tracks were hard to make let alone be seen. The grass was pretty tall at that time so it covered any tracks that might have been left.

Regardless, I found something, and I installed my trail cameras. Since it was early in the season, I dug up the ground in front of both spots and dropped in three kinds of salt licks. I broke them up first to make sure they would penetrate in the ground when the wet weather came along, and help the spots last a bit longer.

After getting eaten alive by horseflies, and a quick encounter with poison oak, I was done. I planned to leave it sit for about a month. I would have gone sooner, but i planned a nice honeymoon in between to kill the time!

Here’s what I got when I went back: A nice group of about five does total, and two maybe three decent bucks to follow. I cleared the memory cards and refreshed the spots quickly. Hopefully they can catch bait more until i go back to set up my blinds.





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