Preparing for Whitetail Season 2015: Thoughts & Looking Back

This year I’ve opted to go rogue and find myself a new piece of land to hunt on. For years now, I’ve been hunting with family and close friends in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. For anyone who has never been, it’s a place to visit. Some people in Montreal, that have the Townships at their feet, don’t even know it’s there. With vineyard upon vineyard, mountain filled views and crops until the eye can see, it’s a great place to spend a weekend, and an even better place to hunt.

The area I’ve been going to sits right outside the town of Waterloo. It’s a small village with a mainly farming community, roughly an hour outside of Montreal. We are six guys on a 85 acres piece of land. The land owner, who made it his hobby farm over the years, also hunts on about 20 acres of it. It leaves us with not much, considering the five old Italian men I have to share it with.

These guys are old school. They’ve been hunting that land for the past 24 years. So I’ve kept fairly quiet about any rituals they had. They’ve all built a small, insulated blind out of plywood and plexi glass, making the cold days a little more durable. I always tried to rough it out and earn my hunt, which didn’t always work but it felt fulfilling at the end of the day. All to say, we always have fun going together. Most drive down on the Friday night before opening day, which was always when everyone shared their theories on how that years hunt would be: from the quantity of rain, to the temperature, and even about who spread what shit in the field in the weeks before… I always got a good laugh out of it.

Since I have started going with them, I’ve always had my own opinions on how we should do things. They didn’t always work with the their traditions, but what can I say, I’m hard headed. Hence, my reason for wanting to venture out alone and to find my own piece of hunting paradise… Ontario, oddly enough.


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